INCIDENTOffice makes it possible to create and manage your own forms, for example an accidentform. You can register, manage, track and solve the accident in INCIDENTOffice. Because it is directly available in TDOffice, the technical department can view and solve the technical problems which might have caused the incident and report back through workorders and requests.

Incident report

Creating an incidentreport has be easy and simple because otherwise it will not be done or done incorrectly. The Incidentreport screen is completely changeable and can be made how you see it fit. Starting with one simple question (“What happened”) up to 20 questions. This varies with each company and business so we made it easy to use and easy to manage. It can also be possible to let employee’s know what happened through email alerts, no need to monitor INCIDENTOffice, just read your emails to stay up to date.


An incident report holds all the basic information, this needs to be handled through an accident form, this accident form can be created and managed fully by you and hold only the information that is necessary and requested by your company.


The incident report and accident form can lead to workorders which can be used to take actions, follow the progress and can be used by others to solve how and why the incident happened. Theres also a possibility to manage and follow up the incidents to check a few weeks/months/years later how it has been going and if there is a possibility that the incident repeats itself. By using our


By creating a dossier, all workorders, reports and forms can be bundled into one file, making it easy manageable and neatly organised. INCIDENTOffice is availible in Engels, Dutch, German and Spanish. More languages can be added if needed.

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