To determine the efficiency of a production line and/or installation we have a special program called OEEOffice. It is easy to use, by entering productions lines and/or installation in OEEOffice and setting their maximal capacity, and measuring the capacity that is currently being reached, the efficiency is measured and can be improved where needed. Operators on the work floor can give their input about why maximum capacity is not being reached, this way, it is easy to pinpoint the problem. Also, the ratio between good and rejected products can be measured to give an optimal result. OEEOffice can be fed with information from PLC’s, manual action and/or the import of for example excel files.

Work methods

The following ways to work with OEEOffice are possible:

  1. Completely manual: All the input is given manually.
  2. Semi-automatic: By using touchscreens and start/stop buttons the activities can be registered.
  3. Fully automatic: By using PLC’s all data van be entered and maintained in OEEOffice, if needed more information can always be edited and or provided manually.

Setting up

A certain amount of basic information needs to be provided before OEEOffice can do its work. Each line/installation with their products and standards needs to be given in. Also the NPC (name plate capacity) can be given in. This will be used to determine the efficiency of the line/installation.


The process can be like this. While producing, for a certain period, OEEOffice will measure when there is, and is no production, why there is no production and how many good and rejected products there are. By using this information, the OEE percentage can be calculated. Employees can specify later on why disruptions happened so a good solution can be found. By doing so, a log file is being created and filled which holds all information about a line/installation.


By analysing the current and historical information, reports are generated and can be analysed to act and make enhancements to the line and/or installation. Also, by sharing these reports with employees, for example in a canteen, the motivation to use and feed OEEOffice is greatly improved.


All failures reported in OEEOffice can be easily send to TDOffice to be handled with. Double entry and work is there for prevented.

OEEOffice is availible in Engels, Dutch, German and Spanish. More languages can be added if needed.

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