By registering and log risk scenarios in SHEQOffice and by tracking corrective and preventive actions, risks can be contained and controlled. By regular testing if the assumptions (original risk scenarios) are still up to date, the PDCA circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) is complete.


By using the user specified request input screens it because very easy for each employee to enter a request. Together with or only by the SHEQ employee it becomes possible to fill in a specially designed form (by us or by yourself) to register, follow up and guard the handling of the SHEQ request. This ensure a logic and structured way of handling a request and building up a dossier.

The education and training of employees can be monitored and control with our plannings functionality. The same goes for the distribution of items (working boots, helmets, etc), these can be given out and checked in. Also the labour resources can be registered. Regular checks and inspections can be planned and guarded with ease.

By using the forms functionality in SHEQOffice, you can easily design or import a form and preform inspections or checks.


With help of the Alert functionality each employee can be warned and notified when actions are to be taken place or send them reports on specified days and times. This gives full assurance that all actions and monitoring tasks are being dealt with.

Documentation management

SHEQOffice allows the upload and linking of every files available to you, these can be paired and linked to on every level (requests, workorders, forms, etc) This makes the documentation management structured and easy to control and monitor.


By capturing all data in dossier files, all request, workorder, people involved, statuses, etc become available in one file which makes it easy to handle and control.

SHEQOffice is availible in Engels, Dutch, German and Spanish. More languages can be added if needed.

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