TDOffice is especially developed for small and mid-sized technical departments who are looking for software which should be easy to use and functional, so every employee can handle the software and will have direct advantage of using it. Because TDOffice contains all the experience of many years and many technical departments there is a huge amount of practical functionality available. TDOffice is made for and by our users through-out decades. Our strategy in which we appreciate and honour every functional wish from our users without them costing any money and still keeping TDOffice as standard software has led to what we have today: the most practical and functional technical department software available today.

TDOffice menu The following functions are present in TDOffice:

  • Malfunctions
  • Workorders
  • Requests
  • Planning
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Machine listing (objects)
  • Cost control
  • Hour bookings
  • Purchase and warehouse management
  • Treestructure
  • Create and manage forms
  • Budget management
  • Costs bookings
  • Etc

Simple or complicated, the choice is yours

Within TDOffice it is possible to create and modify almost everything. From creating your own object layouts, for example, it is possible to create a different layout when viewing a forklift than when you view a freezer. You decide what questions you want to ask about each kind of object. An object will never have fields that do not belong to them. Objects can also be placed in a tree structure to create more structure in your machinery.

An example of a self-made objects layout An example of a self-made objects layout

The same goes for placing a request, you decide which fields you want to use and make the request form small or large. All our input screens can be modified by you. No more answering questions you don’t want to answer. The request form can have as less as 2 fields and as much as 24 fields. Your choice.

TDOffice small request form A small request form
TDOffice large request form A large request form


Malfunctions are easy to register for everyone inside your organisation. Because TDOffice is a web based program, there’s no need to installations on clients computer, a simple website address as favourite or desktop shortcut is enough. A request can be made in 3 clicks. The malfunctions can be followed up with a workorder to solve it and set into preventive maintenance to keep track of it and prevent it from ever happening again.

Preventive maintenance

TDOffice offers the possibility keep track of your preventive maintenance by create date and/or meter controlled checklists. Each checklist can be matched with objects to keep track of when they are due for their preventive maintenance.

Warehouse management

Because we have an extensive purchase function standard within TDOffice you do everything necessary to manage your warehouse, purchases, check-out of parts and order advice. Parts and objects can be linked to create a cost overview per object, location or cost center.

Financial information

Every cost that is being booked in TDOffice can be linked to a workorder, object, cost center, budget, hour booking, etc. This makes it perfectly capable to keep track of every financial aspect of the operation. TDOffice has several ways to keep this as easy as possible. It should never become a full-time job to keep track of this.


We have a extensive report collection which has been thought by our customers and created by us. This ensures that all our reports are up to date and easy to use.

TDOffice is available in Engels, Dutch, German and Spanish. More languages can be added if needed.

Interested in our software or looking for more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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