INSPECTOffice can be used to create, manage and design forms and use those forms to carry out inspections. Think of ATEX forms, Management of Change (MOC) or general inspection forms. By connecting these forms to objects (installations or part of installation) it easy manageable which objects have had an inspection and which still need one and what has been the result of it. Or which inspection is almost coming up.

The data collected can be managed and used in other programs, for example Excel. Importing and exporting data is easy and can be used without effort.


Data can also be available in other programs which is kept and maintained. INSPECTOffice can link and connect to that data so double entries are kept to a minimum.


While doing inspections it is handy that the data can be directly saved in INSPECTOffice. If the inspection are taken in a place with bad or no internet connection there is the possibility to synchronise the data on your notebook with the server when you’re at the office. Because of the friendly user interface, inspections can easely be done by own personnel and external personnel.

Work preparation/work orders

If the inspection results lead to a rejection, workorders can be generated to improve the results. Who does what, when, with what tools, and by using which parts can be put in these workorders. All other documents, objects, photos and reports needed can also be placed into INSPECTOffice and are easy to access and maintain.

After the work order(s) are finished, a new inspection can take place leading to better results.

INSPECTOffice is availible in Engels, Dutch, German and Spanish. More languages can be added if needed.

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